Friday, December 20, 2013

Pain Rustique

This bread is a prepared in a way that is a bit out of the ordinary -- there's no 'shape' phase. After the bulk fermentation is complete, rectangular bricks of dough are cut and given the final fermentation.

The results I got were very much like baguettes. After I sliced them and put them in a bag to freeze the smell was unmistakable -- baguette.


Very active poolish in the morning.

Awesome oven spring.

Photogenic results.

Wide open crumb.


Poolishozgramsbakers percentage
Bread flour16453.6100

Final Dough

Bread flour16453.6


Preparation timesStart timeDuration
Mix poolish18:00:000:10:00
Poolish ripening18:10:0014:00:0012-16 hours
Initial mix8:10:000:15:00
Autolyse8:25:000:25:0020-30 minutes
Complete mix8:50:000:30:00
Bulk fermentation 19:20:000:25:00
Fold 19:45:000:05:00
Bulk fermentation 29:50:000:25:00
Fold 210:15:000:05:00
Bulk fermentation 310:20:000:25:00
Final fermentation10:55:000:25:0020-25 minutes

  1. Poolish: Disperse the yeast in the water, add the flour, and mix until smooth. Cover the bowl with plastic and let stand for 12 to 16 hours.
  2. Mixing: Pain Rustique is mixed with an autolyse. Add the Final Dough flour, water and the ripe poolish to the mixing bowl. Do not add the yeast and salt. Mix until just combined. Cover the bowl with a sheet of plastic and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. Then mix in the yeast and salt and mix until the dough is fairly well developed. The dough should be supple and moderately loose.
  3. Fold the dough twice during the bulk fermentation -- after 25 minutes and then 25 minutes later.
  4. Dividing: Gently divide the dough into even rectangular pieces. I made 3 equal weighing loaves. Place scrap pieces of dough on top. Place the divided pieces onto lightly floured baker's linen, with the floured side of the dough still down, and cover with plastic.
  5. Final fermentation: 20 to 25 minutes final fermentation after dividing.
  6. Baking: Turn the dough so that the floured side is up. Slash the dough with one quick stroke. Bake at 237°C (460°F) for 35 minutes, the first half of the time with steam. Vent the steam for the second half of the bake.
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